In order to vitalize the organization activities and support members' works, we have 4 committees as follows;
International Committee Public Relations Committee Scientific Committee Regulatory Committee

International Committee
International Committee was newly set up in 2009.
  • Objectives:
  •  -   To put overseas related information timely to the members.
  •  -   To strengthen partnerships with the global organizations
  • Main activities:
  • 1.   As a executive member association of IADSA (the international Alliance of Dietary/Food Supplements Association) in Japan, collects information and participates in global activities, and deliver it to the members.
  • 2.   Makes a joint proposal with CRN-US (Council for Responsible Nutrition) and NPA (Natural Products Association) to The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.Encourages deregulation in Japan through US Department of Commerce and US Embassy.
  • 3.   Associating with AAHSA (ASEAN Alliance of Health Supplement Association), publishes international harmonization of dietary supplements and traditional medicine in ASEAN area from Japan.
    Provides information to Japanese members promoting business in ASEAN area.
  • 4.   In addition,
    Provides overseas market and product information regularly to the domestic market.
    Provides domestic products information regularly to overseas media.
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