President's Note

  • AIFN (The General Incorporated Association of International Foods & Nutrition) is a trade organization who is working to contribute the robust development of the dietary/food supplements market in Japan in view of consumer satisfaction and reassurance of safety.
  • We are honored to mark its 10th anniversary in 2009. We have changed the name by capitalizing this opportunity and aim to have more global perspective. This could not be happened without support from all of our valuable members. I would like to take this opportunity to gratitude our members for the strong support.
  • Japanese dietary/food supplements market has been growing and the total market is reported to be more than 2 trillion Japanese Yen. In order to contribute the robust development of such dynamic market, AIFN has been making constructive proposals to improve the regulation and the relevant legislative environment.
  • AIFN is a trade organization that is acting from global perspective. In June 2008, by utilizing the attribute, AIFN announced collaborative partnership with 2 US based dominant organizations, CRN (Council for Responsible Nutrition) and NPA (Natural Products Association). The collaborative activities started to work toward the attainment of deregulation and the establishment of dietary/food supplements fundamental law. Furthermore, AIFN exchanges its opinions frequently with U.S. Department of Commerce, US Embassy, ACCJ (American Chamber of Commerce in Japan) and has been making joint proposals to Japanese government.
  • For maintaining happy living in an aging society, it is vital to support people’s social independence by improving their quality of life. Now many people are taking dietary/food supplements regularly and the role of dietary/food supplements is expected to improve the quality of life.
  • Recent US study revealed that the intake of dietary/food supplements can potentially reduce substantial medical cost. It is not just good for government expenditure but improvement of quality of life for all family members may also reduce the burden of medical and insurance expenses.
  • Dietary/food supplements nowadays are familiar to Japanese citizens. However, under the current legislative systems, the efficacy and safety information are not easily accessible. We believe that such information disclosure is very important for people to take dietary/food supplements with reassurance of safety.
  • AIFN, therefore, would like to continuously work with members and have closer relationship with other trade organizations and industry related ministries and is willing to make diligent effort to tackle issues lied in the dietary/food supplements market including legislative environment.
  • We greatly appreciate your continued cooperation and support for our activities.
  • Last but not least, I would like to extend my best wishes to all the stakeholders for good health and prosperity.
  • Sincerely,

Harunobu Amagase, President of AIFN  
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Postcode: 163-1320
TEL: +81-3-6365-0424
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